How to create and send cards.

You can create and send out a personal greeting card to your friends.
Build up your image using many different patterns from our various collections, before you finally send out the card!

Here are some tips that might help you in creating your personal greeting card.
More Friends
Click [More Friends] if you wish to send out your card to more than one friend.
This function will become active when all necessary items are filled in.
You will be able to send the same card to up to five friends at the same time.
The contents of the card will be the same, while recipients' names and email addresses will be changed.

Greeting, Picture, Background and Layout
Click [View and select] to choose from various pictures and patterns.
A new window will open for you to make your selection by actually viewing the pictures and patterns.
On clicking the picture you want, the window will automatically close, and it will be selected in the main form.

Pictures and Layout
Vertical and horizontal layouts are set to fit the picture's size.

Personal Message
Your personal message can be from a few lines up to 30 lines.
They will be arranged to suit the card size perfectly.

Delivery Date
Select the date you wish the card to be delivered.
If you select [NOW], the Email notice will be dispatched immediately to the recipient and the card can be viewed from that moment.
If you select a specific date other than [NOW], the notice will be dispatched after midnight (around 24:30) of the designated date.
The card can be viewed for 30 days from the delivery date.

Please Note! The card can be viewed only during the Viewing Period!

All items except those listed [not selected] must be filled in, or selected, in order to continue to the next step.

After you have filled in all necessary items, click [PREVIEW] to review, and [SEND] to actually send out your card.
A notice will be sent to you and the recipients via email.

The card can be viewed by clicking the URL address listed on the Email notice.


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